Thursday, March 25, 2010


Another one of my favorite designers is Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga. Structure and detail is always included in his designs. In this Fall 2010 look, ads from either newspapers or magazines are being utilized into wearable apparel.

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I'm telling you, Alexander McQueen is just amazing! When I saw this photo of feathers I thought of one of his last designs created for Fall 2010. Doesn't the dress look like it has golden feathers on it? Exquisite!

Picture of Alexander McQueen's Fall 2010 Dress retrieved on 3/24/10 from
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Another masterpiece from the great Alexander McQueen and also from the Spring 2010 line are his extravagant high heel shoes.

Picture of Alexander McQueen's Dragon Shoes Spring 2010 were retrieved on 3/24/10 from

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The late Alexander McQueen was one of my favorite designers hands down! He was so talented when it came to designing clothes that were unique and beautiful. From his Spring 2010 collection he incorporated the look of reptile scales such as a python snake along with many other designs and prints.

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Eastern Asia

I have one of those fancy changing boards in my apartment and it's definitely Far East Asia inspired. When I thought about what types of garments have been made in similar shapes and prints I remembered a pair of shoes and a matching purse that I had bought from "Dragons" in the mall a few years ago.

Picture of me in shoes and purse retrieved on 3/24/10 from my digital camera.
Picture of Eastern Asian board retrieved on 3/24/10 from my digital camera.


I was prepping my son's Easter basket the other day when I noticed that in relation to apparel, his basket reminded me of the Kimono dress that was designed by Korto from Season 5 of Project Runway. It was made of seat belts! Absolutely amazing!

Picture of basket retrieved on 3/23/10 from my digital camera.
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Bricks & Herringbone

I was on campus when I noticed the patterns of the bricks that lead to different buildings and classrooms on campus and immediately thought of herringbone woolen.

Picture of bricks was retrieved on 3/23/10 by my digital camera.
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